As I’ve mentioned on my “About this Blog” page, I don’t write articles unless I have something to say. I know — that goes against the advice to post several articles per week. Who cares?

I’d rather provide something of value than simply generate words for the sake of words.

Speaking of value, a friend and I were discussing the fact that some freelancers complain that they have turned down projects because they “don’t challenge their creativity.”

I think these people are forgetting something.

Yes, we want to create compelling, persuasive marketing communications for our clients. And yes, we love it when we’re given lots of creative freedom.

But we have an even greater responsibility: to make our clients look good.

As one of my first copy supervisors told me long ago, “if you want to indulge your creative expression and please yourself, write a novel.”

And while I aim for perfection and superb creativity in everything I do, I never forget the real bottom line:
If my client looks like a rock star to his or her boss, I’ve done my job.

My clients know what it takes to make them look like rock stars, and my purpose is to help them achieve that status. If that means that sometimes I have to put my own creative ego aside, then that’s what it means.

I’m being paid to indulge my clients, not myself. Otherwise, I’d write a novel.

Maybe someday. When I have something useful to say.

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